The Band

Squidfest1The Pacific Northwest’s premiere klezmer orchestra, Erev Rav delivers a kaleidoscope of original compositions and traditional melodies infused with funk, reggae, bee bop, rock, and Latin rhythm. With their soulful and highly energetic performances, and soaring vocals by Jessica Blinn, Erev Rav crafts a memorable musical experience. Time and again, their fresh rhythms blended with ancient harmonies have audience members dancing until the last note. The phrase, Erev Rav, translates from Hebrew as ‘Mixed Multitude’. Historically, this mixed multitude was a multi-ethnic group of rabble-rousers who joined Moses and the Israelites on the 40-year journey from Egypt to spiritual liberation. Nowadays, Erev Rav utilizes the vehicle of klezmer for creative and spiritual inspiration.

Erev Rav released their first full length studio recording Klezmorphic, in May 2012, following up their popular live EP Oly Shtetl Klezmer.

Notable performances: Erev Rav was the premiere band at the 2012 Illuminated Ball, and shared the bill with Vagabond Opera in January of 2012 at an unveiling for the Olympia Ballroom. In both instances Erev Rav had audiences numbering 200-strong spellbound and dancing with unmitigated joy. Erev Rav was showcased at SPSCC for Jewish Heritage Month in June of 2011. They performed dozens of times in 2010 to include collaborations with the Tallhouse Arts Consortium aerial arts troupe, and Wild Honey belly dance troupe. In 2009 Erev Rav performed to a packed 485 seat theater at The Big Jewish Show at the Northwest Folk Life Festival in Seattle, WA, 2009, and was showcased at the World Sacred Music Festival in Olympia WA, 2009.

The Band:

DanielDaniel Landin, Erev Rav’s fearless leader, has played guitar for 17 years and klezmer for 13 years. He composes much of the band’s repertoire, thriving on fusing klezmer with other musical styles. Daniel lived in Israel for one year where the integration of his cultural heritage and American musical backgrounds developed into his unique style. Although he insists he is not one, the band lovingly refers to Daniel as ‘the Rabbi.’


TomTom Russell attended Julliard, is a virtuosic clarinet and flute player, and acclaimed musician, boasting thousands of performances in his 40+ year career. Olympia lore holds that Tom is awoken every morning by a kiss from a whispering muse.


JessicaJessica Blinn, mezzo-soprano and violinist, has been singing and playing the violin for over twenty years.  She received a BA in music from Wesleyan University and a Masters in Vocal Performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.  As a vocalist she has performed many genres of music including Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Celtic and Jazz.  She conducted the Monteverdi Vespers at the San Francisco Conservatory, sang with the San Francisco’s Professional choir Volti and has freelanced all over the Bay Area and Northwest.  Recently Jessica’s band, The Jessica Blinn Quartet, performed at the Governor’s inaugural ball. Jessica is also a dedicated teacher, conductor, and ensemble leader.

PhilPhil Post on electric and double bass has been a multi-instrumentalist for over 30 years, and is equally skilled on dobro and pedal steel. He regularly performs around the PNW with Erev Rav as well as The Oly Mountain Boys and The Tilted Stilts.


MichaelMichael Harrison acquired an encyclopedic vocabulary of percussive rhythms studying djembe and congas in Africa. This training infuses his highly creative and energetic trap set playing, propelling the Erev Rav dance party into multi-dimensional beat-scapes.


RichieRichie Lopez is considered in some circles to be the Cornel West of spiritual formation but in this context, he’s a jazz trombonist. When not working as a federal chaplain for a disaster medical response team, he likes to lounge around with his wife Aja watching his sons play League of Legends or Pocket Tanks, or listen to his daughters sing cool duets at the dinner table. He’s available for Skype music lessons for music theory or jazz improvisation at