The Funk Tash music video shoot March 8th and 9th!!

Erev Rav 2013

Stay tuned for what will be an exhilarating leg of our journey!  We will be working with the very talented Red Williamson of Newspin Photo to produce this original spy thriller!!

Shooting will take place in March, and there are roles as extras needed to be filled. STILT WALKERS, JUGGLERS, BELLY DANCERS, MAKE UP ARTISTS, COSTUME DESIGNERS – COLLABORATE with us on this super duper fun project!!! Please email if you are interested in participating.


We are so proud and excited to host our CD release party on Saturday June 30th at the Olympia Ballroom! There will be special guest performances by members of the aerial dance troupe Tallhouse Arts Consortium, there will be belly dancing with Wild Honey, we will have guest musicians Miles Nowlin (original Erev Ruvian!) and Drew Gibbs, there will be sacred clowns in the house – it is going to be such a great time, we hope you can be a part of it with us!  It is only $5 to get in to this ALL AGES extravaganza, another $5 at the door gets you the CD on this one night only!!

New Album Progress Report

We are excited to announce a large amount of work ALREADY COMPLETED on our first full length studio album at Arcade Studio with Bruce Whitcom! Bruce has many years of recording and performance experience, and a youthful proclivity to have a good time, making this project heaps of fun. The sessions have been full of soul and energy, and we will work on it until it is summer 2011!

All Erev Ruvians on board for this vocal/bottle clanking session